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Spanish Word: artillero

English Translation: artilleryman, cannoneer, gunner

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  hierbas - herbs, herbage
  ambos - both
  coñac - brandy, cognac
  chuleta - cutlet
  cerda - bristle
  oponente - contestant
  caotico - chaotic
  engreído - big-headed
  peligroso - dangerous
  fantásticamente - fantastically
  sordido - dingily, measly, raggedly, scabby,...
  bateador - batsman
  célibe - celibate
  incesante - continuous
  pelotón - platoon
  extracción - extraction
  incansable - unfatiguing, unflagging, unweary,...
  gordo - big, fat (adj), fatty
  brocheta - skewer
  olor - odor, perfume, smell (n), aroma, flavour

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