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Spanish Word: incesante

English Translation: continuous

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  pelotón - platoon
  extracción - extraction
  incansable - unfatiguing, unflagging, unweary,...
  gordo - big, fat (adj), fatty
  brocheta - skewer
  olor - odor, perfume, smell (n), aroma, flavour
  caramelos - sweets (n)
  cuantioso - multitudinously, numerous,...
  fotosíntesis - photosynthesis
  exilio - exile
  engañoso - deceptive, deceitful, fallacious,...
  confitería - candy store, sweet shop, confectionery
  especulacion - speculation, venture
  almanaque - calendar
  ángulo oblicuo - bevel
  torax - thorax
  cama elástica - trampoline
  coeducación - coeducation
  castizo - legit, true, unfeigned
  trascendencia - transcendence

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