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Spanish Word: andas

English Translation: stretcher

Translated sentences containing 'andas'
¿Por dónde andas?
Where are you?
¿Qué andas vendiendo?
What are you selling?
Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres.
A man is known by the company he keeps.
Andas muy lento.
You walk very slowly.
¿Por qué andas corriendo de acá para allá todo el día?
Why do you run from here to there all day?
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  estroncio - strontium
  abrigo - coat, wrap, coat, cloak, mantle
  garbo - charm, grace
  melodrama - melodrama
  mnemotécnico - mnemonic
  valorar excesivamente - overrate
  aristócrata - aristocrat
  pata delantera - foreleg
  ignominia - disrepute, opprobrium
  laureado - laureate
  entrampado - outsmarts, outwits
  sin sentido - meaningless, nonsensical
  neptuno - neptune
  seudónimo - pseudonym
  impenitencia - impenitence
  sello - stamp, postage stamp
  luto - mourning
  bandido - outlaw
  esquiador - skier
  lorena - lorraine, lothringen

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