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Spanish Word: algo

English Translation: pron. and adv., something, somewhat

Translated sentences containing 'algo'
regalar algo a alguien
to give something to someone
Nos gustaría comer algo.
We’d like something to eat.
¿Quieren tomar algo ? ¿ Quieren ustedes tomar algo ?
Do you all want to drink something?
¿Tiene algo más barato?
Do you have something cheaper? (masculine)
¿No entiende algo?
Don't you understand something?
Algo es algo.
That is something at least.
¿Aprendimos algo?
Did we learn from this?
Añadiré algo.
I will add just one thing.
Hagamos algo.
Let us see some action.
¡Algo absurdo!
Such a situation is absurd!
Algo nuevo, África siempre aportará algo nuevo.
Something new, Africa will always contribute something new.
Estamos inventando algo nuevo.
We are in the process of creating something completely new.
Es algo bonito.
That is a good thing.
Eso ya sería algo.
This would be some achievement.
Quiero añadir algo.
I would, however, like to add something.
Eso tardará algo más.
That will take somewhat longer.
Algo que hoy no hacemos.
That is not, of course, what we are doing at present.
Consiguen algo por nada.
They are getting something for nothing.
¿Tiene algo que modificar?
Is there something that you would like to be corrected?
Algo que respaldamos.
That is something we are able to support.
Significó algo totalmente distinto.
It signified something else entirely.
Hace falta algo más.
It will take a bit more than that to convince people.
Es algo harto importante.
That is of key importance.
Me gustaría añadir algo.
I wish to add some points.
Tenemos que hacer algo.
The problem must be tackled.
Era algo absolutamente normal.
I think that it was perfectly natural.
No es algo usual.
Things like that do not happen all the time.
Como si legitimara algo.
As if it legitimised anything!
Hay algo de eso.
There will indeed be some of that.
Pero añadiré algo más.
But I will add something else.
Limitemos algo las alabanzas.
Let us cut back on it a little.
¿Sabe algo de esto?
Do you know anything about it?
Queríamos algo más.
We really wanted more than that.
Es algo necesario.
This is also required as a matter of urgency.
Es algo que no comprendo.
I do not understand this.
¿Debemos esperar algo más?
Are we to expect anything more?
No podemos inventar algo nuevo.
We cannot invent something new.
Me gustaría añadir algo.
I would add something further.
¿Tiene algo pensado?
What do you have in mind?
Esperábamos algo diferente.
We would have hoped for something different.
Eso es algo fundamental.
This is an essential point.
¿Oyeron ustedes algo?
Did you hear anything in that line?
Todavía me siento algo optimista.
I am still somewhat optimistic.
No estamos ante algo nuevo.
This is not a new issue.
Me parece algo positivo.
This I find a good thing.
Tengo que confesar algo.
I have to get something off my chest.
No podemos aceptar algo así.
That is not something we can live with.
Es algo que no deseo.
That is something I do not want.
Es algo mucho peor.
It is something far worse.
Me parece algo inaceptable.
I see that as being unacceptable.
¿Queda algo por hacer?
Is there anything left to do?
Quisiera decir algo más.
I should like to make one further point.
No podemos tolerar algo así.
We cannot tolerate such a thing.
Había esperado algo mejor.
I had hoped for better.
Quiero también pedir algo.
I do also have a request.
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