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Spanish Word: al principio

English Translation: first

Translated sentences containing 'al principio'
Al principio creí que iban a atropellar a este joven.
At first, I thought that they were going to knock down this young person.
Al principio creisteis que os iba a atropellar.
At first, you thought that I was going to knock you all over.
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  guardagujas - switchman
  ortodoxia - orthodoxy
  asiduidad - exactingness, punctuality, timeliness
  dotacion - donation, endowment, outfit
  pesimismo - pessimism
  confwso - disarranges, disconcerts, disorients,...
  peluqueria - barbershop, salon
  organista - organist
  esquina - corner
  modernización - streamlining
  levedad - levity, lightness
  trazador gráfico - plotter
  contrario - opposite, adverse
  enano - midget, dwarf, runt
  vendimia - vintage
  aglomerado - agglomerate, conglomerate
  virilidad - manliness
  sensor - sensor
  perturbadamente - disturbingly
  insurreccion - indignation

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