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Spanish Word: contrario

English Translation: opposite, adverse

Translated sentences containing 'contrario'
Sí, porque de lo contrario llegaremos tarde y cansados.
Yes, otherwise we will arrive late and tired.
Al contrario.
Very much the opposite in fact.
¡Al contrario!
Just the opposite, in fact.
No, al contrario.
No, quite the contrary in fact.
¡Todo lo contrario!
It is quite the opposite.
Todo lo contrario.
Quite the reverse, in fact.
Todo lo contrario.
In fact, quite the contrary.
Por el contrario.
Nothing could be further from the truth!
¡Todo lo contrario!
Quite the reverse, in fact!
Todo lo contrario.
In any case, the rapporteur believes that the "zero defect" idea is utopian when it comes to human rights.
También sucede lo contrario.
The reverse is also true.
Al contrario, empeoraba.
Quite the reverse, in fact: the situation had deteriorated.
Es verdad lo contrario.
In fact, the opposite is true.
Creo que no; al contrario.
I believe not - on the contrary.
Es precisamente lo contrario.
Precisely the opposite is the case.
No tenemos problemas, al contrario.
We do not have any problems with them; quite the opposite.
¡Muy al contrario!
In fact, it is doing the opposite.
Estamos planteando lo contrario.
We are proposing the opposite.
Al contrario, los recorta.
On the contrary, it diminishes them.
Precisamente, ocurre lo contrario.
Rather, the opposite is the case.
Queremos lo contrario.
We would like the opposite.
Al contrario, lo defendemos.
On the contrary, we defend them.
En caso contrario...
If it does not succeed ...
Más bien al contrario.
Quite the reverse is the case.
Al contrario, no queremos eso.
On the contrary, we want no such thing.
Lo contrario es increíble.
That he should not be so is unbelievable.
Todo lo contrario.
Far from it, in fact.
Sucede exactamente lo contrario.
The exact opposite is true.
Todo lo contrario.
Far from it, in fact.
Más bien lo contrario.
Far from it, in fact.
De lo contrario, no prosperamos.
If not, we do not succeed.
Más bien lo contrario.
What it does amount to is actually quite the reverse.
¡Justamente todo lo contrario!
We are just the opposite!
Yo opino lo contrario.
I take a contrary view.
Es todo lo contrario.
It must be the other way round.
Al contrario, siguen usándose.
On the contrary, they continue to be used.
Todo lo contrario.
The opposite is the case.
Haremos exactamente lo contrario.
We are going to do exactly the opposite.
Lo contrario es cierto.
The opposite is the case.
Alcanzaremos exactamente lo contrario.
We shall achieve precisely the opposite.
¡Todo lo contrario!
The very opposite is the case!
Nosotros opinamos lo contrario.
That is not our opinion.
Opino lo contrario.
I take the opposite view.
Lo contrario sería equivocarse.
Anything else would be a mistake.
Jamás he dicho lo contrario.
At no stage did I say otherwise.
Observamos lo contrario.
What we see is quite the reverse.
Es exactamente lo contrario.
It is exactly the opposite.
Justamente, al contrario.
Quite the opposite in fact.
Lo contrario es inadmisible.
No other way forward is possible.
Al contrario, la realidad macroeconómica muestra todo lo contrario.
On the contrary, the macroeconomic reality is the opposite.
Hemos logrado justamente lo contrario.
We shall obtain the very opposite of what we want.
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