Verb Usar - to use  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Verb Usar - to use

The verb usar (conjugation) means "to use". It is regular.

yo uso (I use)
usas (you use)
Ud./él/ella usa (you/he/she uses)
nosotros (as) usamos (we use)
vosotros (as) usáis (you guys use)
Uds./ellos/ ellas usan (you all/they use)

Sentences using usar in the present tense

usas tanto aceite como mi empleada.

You use as much oil as my maid.

Este camión usa diesel.

This truck uses diesel.

Nosotras nunca usamos el coche.

We never use the car.

Usar can also mean to wear.

Siempre uso un suéter de lana.

I always use (wear) a wool sweater.

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