Use of Ser to Indicate Origin & Identity  

Spanish Grammar Meeting People Use of Ser to Indicate Origin & Identity

The verb ser (to be) is used to describe origin (where you are from) and identity (personality, physical appearance, profession, religion, relationships).

Some of the forms of ser are:

(yo) soy - I am
(tú) eres - you are
(él) es - he is
(ella) es - she is
(Usted) es - you are (formal)

To talk about origin (where people are from), we'll add a de (of, from) after the different forms above. Let's look at some examples.

    Yo soy de Colombia.
    I'm from Colombia.

    Soy de Guatemala.
    I'm from Guatemala.

    ¿De dónde eres?2
    Where are you from?

    To talk about identity (ways you think of yourself) we could talk about your personality, physical appearance, profession, etc. Let's look at some examples.

      Soy inglés. - I am English.

      Soy estudiante. - I’m a student.

      Soy ingeniero. - I'm an engineer.

      Ella es guapa. - She is good looking.

      Ellos son mis papás. - They are my parents.

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