Querer Imperfect Tense  

Spanish Grammar Imperfect Tense Verb Querer - to want

Querer imperfect conjugation

 Querer means to want.
  To say you were wanting or you used to want,
   use the imperfect ending.

yo quería I was wanting
querías you were wanting
Ud./él/ella quería you were, he/she was wanting
nosotros/as queríamos we were wanting
vosotros/as queríais you guys were wanting
Uds./ellos/ellas querían you all/they were wanting

Sentences using querer in the imperfect tense

Yo quería ser doctor.
      I was wanting to be a doctor.

Tú querías resultados.
      You were wanting results.

Quería que le contestaras.
      He was wanting you to answer.

Todos queríamos viajar al mar.
      We all were wanting to travel to the sea.

Vosotros queríais más vino.
      You all were wanting more wine.

Ellos querían comer toda la pizza.
      They were wanting to eat all the pizza.

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