Perder Preterite Tense  

Spanish Grammar Preterite Tense Verb Perder - to lose

Perder preterite conjugation

Perder means to lose.
is regular in the preterite.

yo perdí I lost
perdiste you lost
Ud./él/ella perd you/he/she lost
nosotros/as perdimos we lost
vosotros/as perdisteis you all lost
Uds./ellos/ellas perdieron you all/they lost

Sentences using perder in the preterite tense

En dos días perdí diez años de mi vida.
      In two days I lost ten years of my life.

¿Perdiste el partido?
      Did you lose the game?

Juan lo perdió.
      Juan lost it.

Perdimos por dos puntos.
      We lost by two points.

Perdisteis dinero al banco.
      You guys lost your money to the bank.

¿Perdieron el partido?
      Did they lose the game?

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