Verb Llamar - to call  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Verb Llamar - to call

The verb llamar (conjugation) means "to call". It is also used as reflexive: llamarse (conjugation) which means "to be called". It is a regular verb.

yo llamo (I call)
llamas (you call)
Ud/él/ella llama (you/he/she calls)
nosotros (as) llamamos (we arrive)
vosotros (as) llamáis (you guys call)
Uds/ellos/ellas llaman (you all/they call)

Sentences using llamar in the present tense

¿A quién llamo? ¿A qué número?

      Who do I call? Which number?

Se llama Rebecca.

      She's called Rebecca.

Se llama Eduardo, pero lo llamamos Eddie.

      His name is Eduardo, but we call him Eddie.

Lo llaman.

      They call him.

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