Hablar Imperfect Tense  

Spanish Grammar Imperfect Tense Verb Hablar - to speak

Hablar imperfect conjugation

 Hablar means to speak or to talk.
  Hablar is a regular -ar verb.
   To say you were talking or you used to talk,
    use the imperfect ending.

yo hablaba I used to speak
hablabas you used to speak
Ud./él/ella hablaba you/he/she used to speak
nosotros/as hablábamos we used to speak
vosotros/as hablabais you guys used to speak
Uds./ellos/ellas hablaban you all/they used to speak

Sentences using hablar in the imperfect tense

Yo hablaba lentamente.
      I was speaking slowly.

Tú hablabas con él todos los días.
      You used to talk with him every day.

No hablaba con ella desde hace años.
      He hadn't talked to her in years.

Mario y yo hablábamos por teléfono.
      Mario and I were talking on the phone.

Vosotros hablabais bastante de pequeños.
      You all used to talk a lot when little.

Ustedes hablaban con sus padres.
      You all were talking with your parents.

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