Escribir Imperfect Tense  

Spanish Grammar Imperfect Tense Verb Escribir - to write

Escribir imperfect conjugation

 Escribir means to write.
  Escribir is a regular -ir verb.
   To say you were writing or used to write,
    use the imperfect ending.

yo escribía I used to write
escribías you used to write
Ud./él/ella escribía you/he/she used to write
nosotros/as escribíamos we used to write
vosotros/as escribíais you guys used to write
Uds./ellos/ellas escribían you all/they used to write

Sentences using escribir in the imperfect tense

Yo escribía un artículo...
      I was writing an article...

Tú escribías en el cuaderno...
      You were writing in the notebook...

Ella escribía a su mamá.
      She used to write to her mother.

Escribíamos poemas aquellos días.
      We used to write poems in those days.

Vosotros escribíais tantos libros.
      You all used to write so many books.

Ellas escribían una carta...
      They were writing a letter...

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