Comer Imperfect Tense  

Spanish Grammar Imperfect Tense Verb Comer - to eat

Comer imperfect conjugation

 Comer means to eat.
  Comer is a regular -er verb.
   To say you were eating or you used to eat,
    use the imperfect ending.

yo comía I used to eat
comías you used to eat
Ud./él/ella comía you/he/she used to eat
nosotros/as comíamos we used to eat
vosotros/as comíais you guys used to eat
Uds./ellos/ellas comían you all/they used to eat

Sentences using comer in the imperfect tense

Yo comía cereal cada mañana.
      I used to eat cereal every morning.

Tú no comías ejotes.
      You didn't used to eat green beans.

Pedro comía en ese restaurante todos los

     Pedro used to eat at that restaurant every

Nosotros comíamos estos camarones asados.
      We used to eat these shrimps roasted.

Vosotros comíais pescado cada viernes.
      You all used to eat fish every Friday.

Ellos comían huevos con jalea.
      They used to eat eggs with jelly.

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