Forms of Caminar  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Verb Caminar - to walk

The verb caminar (conjugation) means "to walk". It is regular.

yo camino (I walk)
caminas (you walk)
Ud./él/ella camina (you/he/she walks)
nosotros (as) caminamos (we walk)
vosotros (as) camináis (you guys walk)
Uds./ellos/ ellas caminan (you all/they walk)

Yo camino a la escuela.

I walk to school.

Caminas más rápido que yo.

You walk faster than me.

Ella camina al puente.

She walks to the bridge.

Pedro y yo caminamos a casa.

Pedro and I walk home.

María, Luis y José caminan a la montaña.

María, Luis and José walk to the mountain.

Él caminó en la noche.

He walked at night.

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