Present Tense Forms of aprender  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Verb Aprender - to learn

Aprender present conjugation

The verb aprender (conjugation) means "to learn". It is regular.

yo aprendo (I learn)
aprendes (you learn)
Ud./él/ella aprende (you/he/she learn)
nosotros (as) aprendemos (we learn)
vosotros (as) aprendéis (you guys learn)
Uds./ellos/ ellas aprenden (you all/they drink)

Sentences using aprender in the present tense

Aprendo mucho.

I learn a lot.

Ella aprende las lecciones.

She learns the lessons.

Nosotros aprendemos el español para poder hablar con más gente.

We learn Spanish so we can talk to more people.

Algunos idiotas nunca aprenden.

Some idiots never learn.

aprendes rápido.

You learn fast.

Ella aprende a nadar.

She learns to swim.

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