Speaking about your childhood  

Spanish Grammar Meeting People Speaking about Childhood

If you want to speak about your childhood, you need to know how to use the verbs below:

nacer - to be born (full conjugation)

Nací en 1988. - I was born in 1988.
Nací el 10 de septiembre de mil novecientos cincuenta.
I was born on September tenth, 1950.

crecer - to grow, to grow up (full conjugation)

En esta casa crecí. - I grew up in this house.

criarse - to be raised, to grow up (Spain) (full conjugation)

Madrid, la ciudad donde me crié.
Madrid, the city where I grew up.

No quería que se criarán sin un padre.
I did not want them to grow up without a father.

vivir - to live (full conjugation)

Viví en una aldea cuyo nombre he olvidado.
I lived in a village whose name I have forgotten.

Mis padres vivieron en Europa cinco años.
My parents lived in Europe for five years.

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