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Depende del tipo de ropa que quiera comprar. Por ejemplo, si quiero comprar ropa para ir a trabajar le digo: "Señorita, por favor, me puede sacar conjuntos o vestidos que tengan para ir a trabajar, algo formal." Y me va a sacar la ropa, ¿no? Si quiero algo playero, por ejemplo, le digo, "Señora, me puede mostrar la ropa de baño que tiene. ¿Cuál es su precio si es que deseo comprarlo, no?"

It depends on the type of clothes that you want to buy. For example, if I want to buy clothes to work in then I say, "Miss, could you please show me some outfits or dresses that you have for work, something formal." And they will get the clothes, right? If I want something for the beach for example, I would say, "Miss, could you show me some swimming suits that you have. What's the price in case I want to buy it?"

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