Spanish Days of the Week  

Discussing Time Days of the Week in Spanish

The days of the week in Spanish are:

lunes - Monday
martes - Tuesday
miércoles - Wednesday
jueves - Thursday
viernes - Friday
sábado - Saturday
domingo - Sunday
la semana - the week

Unlike in English, the days of the week in Spanish are normally not capitalized.

Most of these names end in -es, in which cases the singular and plural forms are one and the same; for example lunes means both “Monday” and “Mondays”. Therefore, to distinguish between “on Monday” and “on Mondays”, it is necessary to use the definite article - el or los.

Tengo muchas citas el martes, pero nada el miércoles.
I have many appointments on Tuesday, but nothing on Wednesday.

Vamos a servicios religiosos los sábados o los domingos.
We go to religious services on Saturdays or on Sundays.

Sentences with lunes
Sentences with martes
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days of the week in Spanish

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