Spanish Present Tense - Regular Verbs  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Regular Verbs

Regular verbs are verbs that change in similar ways during the conjugation. There are three types of regular verbs in Spanish:

- ar verbs
- er verbs
- ir verbs

We know what kind of verb they are because of the last two letters. The r on the end tells us that the verb is in the infinitive form. This is the most basic form of the verb.

caminar (to walk) ---> ar verb
correr (to run) ---> er verb
escribir (to write) ---> ir verb

To use these verbs in a sentence, we have to learn how to conjugate them (change the endings). Follow the links at the top right to learn how to use these verbs in a sentence in the present tense. Let´s review a few examples sentences:

Yo camino a la escuela.
I walk to school.

corres a la fiesta.
You run to the party.

Él come fruta en vez de pan.
He eats fruit instead of bread.

Nosotros abrimos la tienda todos los días.
We open the store every day.

Ellos hablan a la vez.
They talk all at once.

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