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One of the most challenging aspects of learning Spanish is gaining the ability to make sense of what you hear. Some students quickly gain the ability to speak and read Spanish yet they can understand only a small fraction of what other people say to them. This makes it impossible to communicate effectively.

When spoken by a native speaker, any language becomes a series of sound units that are connected together very quickly. To the untrained ear, any language is impossible decipher. There is only one way to train our ears to distinguish sounds in Spanish, or any other language, and that is by exposing our-self to these sounds extensively. This is why we provide over 1,000 Spanish dialogues on this website. To assist children in learning, we paid professional child actors in several different countries to record dialogues for children. All of this effort has paid off greatly. Without realizing it, your children will dramatically improve their Spanish reading comprehension after listening to a the dialogues on this page.

We are happy to provide our Spanish dialogues to you free of charge. Spanish Games are also a great way for Kids to learn new vocabulary and re-enforce their knowledge. Your students and children will love them!

Young children have the ability to learn a second language quickly. Don't waste this opportunity, it will never again be this this easy and it will change their life! Students should also learn the Spanish false cognates.

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Was vs were
Were vs where
Got vs gotten
Infinitive phrase
Co-worker vs coworker
Acknowledgment vs acknowledgement
Offence vs offense

How to use Spanish Dialogues for Children

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Opossum vs possum
Subordinate clause
Calves vs calfs
Former vs latter
Use of learnt
Weather vs whether
Use of nauseated and nauseous
Nauseous vs nauseating
Subordinating conjunctions

Use of Spanish Dialogues in the Classroom

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The Spanish dialogues are wicked awesome , especially Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire, the aforementioned Golden Sun (and sequel), and Advance Wars 2, which is like a cross between Risk and Command and Conquer, only way, way better. They also have a range of Spanish dialogues with dubious content, as can be seen by the reviews at Something Awful. Odd sounding Spanish dialogues turn out to be fanatastic, like the Eye Toy or Dance Dance Revolution. A load of Spanish dialogues were set up (Twister, Scaletrix and such) but after scaring Titch's cousin off, we had a team of Spanish dialogues. The WWE has a development territory, where they send the young wrestlers off to learn, called OVW. That’s two Spanish dialogues in two weeks between these teams which started off well and then became dull kicking matches. It's probably a bad thing that this something that interests a 25 year old engineer combines Spanish dialogues and fake fighting.

Based on the AKI Corp system, used on the N64 for the Spanish dialogues (i.e. "Random button pressing" © Andy J), the Spanish dialogue game allows for strategic fights which you often have to think about to win (i.e. the different style of fight you have to try to beat a small, fast guy compared to beating on a fat man), and allowing the player to focus on a body part to weaken the player and make them submit. We started the day with 4 Capture The Flag Spanish dialogues, one in a basic area, the other in a woodland with bridges and huts. After the four Spanish dialogues, we broke for a long lunch break. The next two Spanish dialogues involved capturing two flags from the middle of the tree fort area. By the way - be scared of Dave and Danny's idea of buying paintball guns for Spanish dialogues in the Wragg fields. Unfortunately, it has that problem all new strategy have when first played - the multi-hour playing session. Remember, she never used to play more advanced than Minesweeper. If we can get six points and 37+ goals more than Man City in the next two Spanish dialogues against Charlton and Chelsea, we'll stay up. A guy who's sole achievements include winning the league with a Barcelona side Titch could have coached to success, an FA Cup with Spurs and the SF of Euro 96 (at home, drawing with Switzerland and scraping past a piss-poor Spanish team) and recent history amounted to failing to beat Saudi Arabia with a talented Australian side (some of whom will be mentioned later) and bankrupting Crystal Palace.

The game offers fare such as battling monsters, questing and other fantasies familiar to players like EverQuest and Ultima Online. "But there are all kinds of reasons, from notions of what Spanish dialogues are and what imagination and playing with concepts are, and the fact that, assuming that everyone there is an adult and knows what they're doing, it's not that easy to mount a moral argument against it." You can also ride bicycles, just like one of the greatest ever. Fluff Up Video for the B3ta challenge. The campaign to try and stop Spanish dialogues after some kid killed another kid due to an argument over the amount of money one owed the other for drugs… sorry… after playing Manhunt. That's right folks, no more will the citizens of this country be able to hear the tale of Jarratt's fat hairy legs, or learn about the history of the mighty 'Fisch. Read here , learn, repent, save your soul. *The Greeks and less successful nations *A really great film Not to give too much away, but the second one involved a trip to the Showcase with the Wragg-Devlins and learning that Barney can say "donkey". Even in Spanish. I want to learn to play bass guitar! My father is Spanish. I'm half Spanish, half British. I have a parent meeting Friday the 20th - to learn more about her school and what is needed.

Popular Phrase: how to say granddaughter | Spanish Future Tense | Conjugated Verb: desabollar - to beat the bents out [ click for full conjugation ]