Pronunciation of letters "w" and "gü"  

Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation of "w" and "gü" Spanish Diphthongs and Triphthongs
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In Spanish there are two letters that are not very common. They are w and and they both sound similar as in the word "water". The letters "gü" are only used with the vowels "e, i". Let's see a few examples to show their similarity. There are not many:

Ellos juegan waterpolo.
     They play waterpolo.
Ella bebe whisky.
     She drinks whiskey.
Ese sitio web.
     That website.
¿Quieres un sándwich?
     Do you want a sandwich?
Mire qué lindo este bungalow.
     Look how cute this bungalow.

El desae está tapado.
     The drain is clogged.
Soy nicaraense.
     I'm Nicaraguan.
La cieña trae a los bebés.
     The stork brings the babies.
Aplícate ese unento.
     Apply this ointment.
Los pininos son amigables.
     Penguins are friendly.

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