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In Spanish, the letter r is pronounced soft or strong. It is pronounced soft when it is not the first letter of the word and is placed before vowels. It is pronounced strong when it is the first letter of the word, when placed before a consonant, or when placed together with another r, rr, before a vowel. Listen to the examples below.

Soy jardinera.
     I'm a gardener (female).
Trabaje más rápido.
     Work faster.
Este es mi marido.
     This is my husband.
Mi ropa está en el ropero.
     My clothes are in the wardrobe.
Quiero fruta fresca.
     I want fresh fruit.
Él es un borracho.
     He is a drunk.
Ella corre con el perro.
     She runs with the dog.
El zorro está corriendo.
     The fox is running.
Ella tiene un perro.
     She has a dog.
El ferrocarril es rápido.
     The railroad is fast.

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