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Step 1

In Spanish, the letter l is pronounced exactly as in English. When two of the letter ls are together, ll, the pronunciation is similar to the letter "y" in English.

buenos colegios
     good schools
reloj nuevo
     new watch, new clock
Juan lavó la ropa.
     Juan washed the clothes.
Yo limpié la cocina.
     I cleaned the kitchen.
¿Trajiste los boletos?
     Did you bring the tickets?
unas llantas
     some tires
¿Alguien me llamó?
     Did somebody call me?
Pero yo llegué tarde.
     But I got there late.
Juan encontró las llaves que necesitabas.
     Juan found the keys that you needed.
Ellos no lo pudieron traer.
     They could not bring it.

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