Preterite Tense - Regular -ir Verbs  

Spanish Grammar Preterite Tense Regular -ir Verbs

To conjugate a regular -ir verb in the preterite tense, replace the infinitive ending with the correct ending for each pronoun. The table below shows the endings for regular -ir verbs.

yo í
nosotros imos
vosotros isteis
Uds./ellos/ellas ieron

Preterite forms of the verb escribir (to write):

escribir (conjugation)

yo escribí (I wrote)
escribiste (you wrote)
Ud./él/ella escribió (you/he/she wrote)
nosotros (as) escribimos (we wrote)
vosotros (as) escribisteis (you guys wrote)
Uds./ellos/ ellas escribieron (you all/they wrote)

Sentences using escribir in the preterite tense

Yo escribí los números.
I wrote the numbers.

Tú escribiste en el periódico.
You wrote on the newspaper.

Él escribió la carta otra vez.
He wrote the letter again.

Nosotros escribimos en la pizarra.
We wrote on the blackboard.

Raúl y Víctor escribieron una nota.
Raúl and Víctor wrote a note.

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