Preterite Tense - Regular -er Verbs  

Spanish Grammar Preterite Tense Regular -er Verbs

To conjugate a regular -er verb in the preterite tense, replace the infinitive ending with the correct ending for each pronoun. The table below shows the endings for regular -er verbs.

yo í
Ud./ él/ ella
nosotros imos
vosotros isteis
Uds./ ellos/ ellas ieron

Let's look at the preterite forms of the verb correr (to run):

correr (conjugation)

yo corrí (I ran)
corriste (you ran)
Ud./él/ella corrió (you/he/she ran)
nosotros (as) corrimos (we ran)
vosotros (as) corristeis (you guys ran)
Uds./ellos/ ellas corrieron (you all/they ran)

Sentences using correr in the preterite tense

Yo corrí en la maratón.
I ran in the marathon.

Tú corriste a la zapatería.
You ran to the shoe store.

Sara corrió a su casa.
Sara ran to her house.

Nosotros corrimos con dos amigos.
We ran with two friends.

Nosotros corrimos hacia su casa.
We ran toward his/her/your house.

Carlos y José corrieron en la calle.
Carlos and José ran in the street.

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