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Step 1


Step 1

Poner means to put.
Poner is irregular in the preterite.

yo puse I put
pusiste you put
Ud./él/ella puso you/he/she put
nosotros/as pusimos we put
vosotros/as pusisteis you all put
Uds./ellos/ellas pusieron you all/they put

¿Dónde lo puse?
      Where did I put it?

¿Por qué pusiste la toalla allí?
      Why did you put the towel there?

Lo puso en su escritorio.
      He put it in his desk.

Pusimos la sartén al fuego.
      We put the frying pan in the fire.

¿Te acuerdas de que pusisteis el pastel en el

     Do you remember when you guys put the
       cake in the oven?

¡Ustedes tuvieron la palabra y no pusieron

     You guys had the opportunity to speak and did
       not pay
attention! (formal)

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