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Resources Spanish Preterite Tense Augmentatives
Step 1


Step 1

Add ón to a word to make something BIGGER

          libro    ---> book
          librón         large book

          hombre       man
          hombrón     big, strong man

          grande        big
          grandón      REALLY REALLY big

Él nos sirvió la sopa con un cucharón.
      He served us the soup with a big spoon.

Lidia nos dio un notición, ¡va a ser mamá!
      Lidia gave us a huge piece of news, she is
       going to be a mommy!

Ayer, Rafael tuvo un problemón.
      Yesterday, Rafael had a huge problem.

Para mi cumpleaños ellos organizaron un

    For my birthday they organized a huge party.

Salí con tu amiga altona.
      I went out with your huge girlfriend.

Step 2

Learn Vocabulary!
Step 3

Work with Sentences!
Step 4

Review and Expand!
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