Preterite tense - diminutives  

Spanish Preterite Tense Diminutives
Step 1


Step 1

Add ito to a word to make something SMALLER

          ahora     ---> now
          ahorita          right now

          hermano        brother
          hermanito      little brother

          Juana            Jean
          Juanita          Jeannie

Ayer tuve un dolorcito.
      Yesterday I had a little pain.

La semana pasada, busqué un trabajo facilito.
      Last week, I looked for an easy job.

Ayer llegó mi mujercita.
      Yesterday my little woman arrived.

Me encantó tu casita.
      I loved your little house.

Me puse mi blusita y mi faldita.
      I wore my little blouse and my little skirt.

Step 2

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Step 3

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Step 4

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