Present Subjunctive - Regular -er verbs  

Grammar Present Subjunctive Regular -er Verbs

To form the present subjunctive of a regular -er or -ir verb, take the first person indicative form of the verb and change the -o to -a.

yo a
Ud./él/ella a
nosotros/as amos
vosotros/as áis
Uds./ellos/ellas an

As an example, the first person indicative form of the verb comer (to eat) is como. The table below shows the conjugation of comer:

The verb comer (conjugation) means "to eat".

comes (you eat)
Ud./él/ella come (you/he/she eats)
nosotros (as) comemos (we eat)
vosotros (as) coméis (you guys eat)
Uds./ellos/ellas comen (you all/they eat)

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