Personal Descriptions  

Grammar Spanish Adjectives Personal Descriptions

The words you use to describe others are descriptive adjectives. They may change depending if you are speaking about a man or a woman.

Él es delgado.
He is skinny.
(delgado = masculine)
(delgada = feminine)

Él es bajito.
He is short.
(bajito = masculine)
(bajita = feminine)

Él es muy guapo.
He is very handsome.
(guapo = masculine)
(guapa = feminine)

Ella es muy ordenada.
She is very organized.
(ordenado = masculine)
(ordenada = feminine)

Ella es rubia.
She is blonde.
(rubio = masculine)
(rubia = feminine)

Ud. es alto.
You are tall.
(alto = masculine)
(alta = feminine)

Sometimes, the words you use to describe others don´t change, regardless if you are speaking about a man or a woman.

Tú eres inteligente.
You are intelligent.
(inteligente = masculine)
(inteligente = feminine)

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