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Grammar Subjunctive Mood Forming the Past Perfect Subjunctive

The past perfect of the subjunctive mood is formed using the formula below:

past subjunctive conjugation of haber + the past participle = past perfect subjunctive

The past subjunctive conjugation of haber is shown below and to the right. There are two distinct forms.

haber (full conjugation)

yo hubiera
él/ella/Ud. hubiera
nosotros (as) hubiéramos
vosotros (as) hubierais
ellos/ellas/Uds hubieran


yo hubiese
él/ella/Ud. hubiese
nosotros (as) hubiésemos
vosotros (as) hubieseis
ellos/ellas/Uds hubiesen

The past participle is formed by adding the suffix -ado to -ar verbs and -ido to -er and -ir verbs.

Example: the past participle of hablar (to speak) is hablado. The tables below shows the conjugation of hablar in the past perfect subjunctive:

hubiera hablado (I had spoken)
hubieras hablado (you had spoken)
hubiera hablado (he/she/you had spoken)
hubiéramos hablado (we had spoken)
hubierais hablado (you guys had spoken)
hubieran hablado (you all/they had spoken)


hubiese hablado (I had spoken
hubieses hablado (he/she/you had spoken)
hubiese hablado (he/she/you had spoken
hubiésemos hablado (we had spoken)
hubieseis hablado (you guys had spoken
hubiesen hablado (you all/they had spoken)

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