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Entry-level workers must be able to follow directions and learn proper planting and maintenance procedures for their localities. These resources will help you to give the directions needed to succeed in this setting. Below you will find useful Spanish phrases with audio mp3 files to help you with pronunciation. In addition, the tabs on the left will take you to Flashcards, Quizzes and many more Spanish dialogues for landscaping, gardening and yard-work.

Water the grass.
Riegue el césped.

Cut the grass.
Corte el césped.

Cut the grass at the edge of the sidewalk.
Corte el césped del borde de la acera.

Rake the grass that was already cut.
Recoja el césped que ya fue cortado.

Cut the grass and sweep the leaves.
Corte el césped y barra las hojas.

I mow the lawn once a week.
Corto el césped una vez a la semana.

Have you mowed the lawn recently?
¿Has cortado el césped recientemente?

Clean the mower.
Limpie la cortadora.

You and Jose will landscape the front yard.
Usted y José van a ajardinar el jardín delantero.

Prune the bushes.
Pode los arbustos.

Spread the mulch.
Esparza el mantillo.

Spread the mulch near the tree.
Esparza el mantillo cerca del árbol.

The oak needs to be trimmed.
El roble necesita ser podado.

The bush needs to be trimmed.
El arbusto necesita ser podado.

It's either a tree or a shrub.
Es o un árbol o un arbusto.

Yes. Where is the shovel?
Sí. ¿Dónde está la pala?

Get the rake and shovel out of the truck.
Saque el rastrillo y la pala del camión.

When you finish, I will rake them.
Cuando usted acabe, yo las rastrillo.

Roberto, when golfers are playing you must turn off your mower.
Roberto, cuando los golfistas estén jugando tiene que apagar la cortadora.

Because they are customers and mowing the grass disturbs them.
Porque son clientes y cortar el césped les molesta.

Stop your mower in the rough and turn it off until they have passed.
Detenga la cortadora en el rough y apáguela hasta que pasen.

Dig the trench.
Cave la zanja.

Can you trench the flower bed?
¿Puede hacer la zanja en el lecho de flores?

Lift the limb
Levante la rama.

I water the flowers. I water them.
Yo riego las flores. Yo las riego.

I water the plants weekly.
Yo riego las plantas semanalmente.

Don't cut the small trees.
No cortes los árboles pequeños.

Plant the trees.
Plante los árboles.

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