Tener Imperfect Tense  

Spanish Grammar Imperfect Tense Verb Tener - to have

Tener imperfect conjugation

The verb tener (conjugation) means "to have".

yo tenía (I used to have)
tenías (you used to have)
Ud/él/ella tenía (you/he/she used to have)
nosotros (as) teníamos (we used to have)
vosotros (as) teníais (you guys used to have)
Uds/ellos/ellas tenían (you all/they used to have)

The first and third person singular forms are identical, therefore the context must distinguish between the two.

Sentences using tener in the imperfect tense

Yo tenía el derecho de paso.
I used to have the right to pass.

tenías las llaves.
You used to have the keys.

Mi carro no tenía radio.
My car didn't used to have a radio.

No teníamos tiempo.
We didn't used to have time.

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