Imperfect Indicative - Irregular Verbs  

Spanish Grammar Imperfect Tense Irregular Verbs

The Imperfect Indicative has only three irregular verbs: ir (to go), ser (to be), and ver (to see)

ir (conjugation)

yo iba (I used to go)
ibas (you used to go)
Ud./él/ella iba (he used to go)
nosotros (as) íbamos (we used to go)
vosotros (as) ibais (you guys used to go)
Uds./ellos/ellas iban (they used to go)

ser (conjugation)

yo era (I used to be)
eras (you used to be)
Ud./él/ ella era (he used to be)
nosotros (as) éramos (we used to be)
vosotros (as) erais (you guys used to be)
Uds./ellos/ellas eran (they used to be)

ver (conjugation)

yo veía (I used to see)
veías (you used to see)
Ud./él/ella veía (he used to see)
nosotros (as) veíamos (we used to see)
vosotros (as) veíais (you guys used to see)
Uds./ellos/ellas veían (they used to see)

Video - Use of Irregular Verbs

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