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Step 1

 Era means was or were in the imperfect.
  It is an irregular form of ser.
   We use imperfect instead of preterite to refer
    to something with no definite beginning or end.

yo era
Ud./él/ella era
nosotros/as éramos
vosotros/as erais
Uds./ellos/ellas eran

Yo patinaba cuando era niña.
      I used to skate when I was a girl.

Tú estudiabas en mi escuela cuando eras niño.
      You used to study in my school when you
a boy.

Él corría por mi casa cuando era joven.
      He used to run by my house when he was

Nosotros caminábamos a la escuela cuando

      We used to walk to school when we were

¿Vosotros cantábais en el coro cuando erais

      Did you all used to sing in the choir when you

Ellos eran amigos cuando eran niños.
      They used to be friends when they were

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