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Step 1


Step 1

Ir means to go.
 It is irregular in the imperfect.
  To say you were going to or used to go,
   use the imperfect.

yo iba
Ud./él/ella iba
nosotros/as íbamos
vosotros/as ibais
Uds./ellos/ellas iban

Yo creía que Juan iba a romper la ventana.
      I thought that Juan was going to break the

Tú ibas a estudiar en la tarde.
      You were going to study in the afternoon.

Yo creía que ella la iba a tomar.
      I thought that she was going to take it.

Nosotros íbamos a la playa.
      We used to go to the beach.

Vosotros ibais a correr en la mañana.
      You all were going to run in the morning.

Ellos iban al parque.
      They used to go to the park.

Ustedes iban conmigo a la iglesia.
      You all used to go with me to Church.

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