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All Spanish nouns have one of two grammatical genders: masculine and feminine. The gender of each noun is arbitrarily assigned, which means we must memorize them! Most adjectives and pronouns, and all articles and participles, indicate the gender of the noun they reference or modify.

The two lists below present a few food related nouns. Listen carefully to the pronunciation of each noun and pay attention to the gender of each.

Feminine Nouns

las almendras (f) - almonds
la canela (f) - cinnamon
la carne molida (f) - ground beef
la comida picante (f) - spicy food
la comida sana (f) - healthy food
las especias (f) - spices

Masculine Nouns

los camarones (m) - shrimp
el ingrediente (m) - ingredient
el platillo (m) - dish
el queso (m) - cheese

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