Comparative Conjunctions  

Grammar Spanish Conjunctions Comparative Conjunctions

Comparative conjunctions belong to the subordinate conjunctions. They indicate comparison among sentences; it could be equality or inequality. A few examples are: así, como, tal como, que, etc.

Let's look at some example sentences.

Mamá trabaja en la escuela así como papá.
Mom works at the school just like dad.

Raquel cocinó el pastel tal como mamá lo hace.
Raquel made the cake just like mom makes it.

Zoila tiene fiebre, como que está enferma.
Zoila has fever, as if she were sick.

No creía que tenía tantas casas como usted.
I didn't think I had as many houses as you do.

Nosotros queremos solucionar el problema tanto como usted.
We want to solve the problem as much as you do.

Este edificio es más alto que aquel otro.
This building is taller than that one over there.

Roberto es más inteligente que Ricardo.
Roberto is more intelligent than Ricardo.

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