Consecutive Conjunctions  

Grammar Spanish Conjunctions Consecutive Conjunctions

Consecutive conjunctions belong to the subordinate conjunctions. The consecutive conjunctions express a consequence of what has been stated in the main sentence. A few examples are: de tal manera que, pues, por consiguiente, así que, luego, etc.

Let's look at some example sentences.

Me duele la espalda, así que no puedo ir a trabajar.
My back hurts, so I can't go to work.

No tengo dinero y, por lo tanto no puedo ir de vacaciones.
I don't have any money, therefore, I can't go on vacation.

No paramos para comer, así que tenemos hambre ahorita.
We didn't stop to get something to eat, so we are hungry right now.

No me interesa la política, así que leo los periódicos primero.
I'm not interested in politics, so I read the newspapers first.

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