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Since mankind began, music has been used to teach children. Music stimulates one's emotions and makes information easier to remember. Kids ask lots of other questions when they begin learning Spanish. For example: Is the Spanish alphabet the same in Mexico and Spain? Music can quickly provide this information. Music also creates a tranquil environment that promotes learning. Music can reduce stress, increase interest, and set the stage for listening and learning.

Music is a phenomenal medium for learning and retaining information. It activates three different centers of the brain at the same time: language, hearing, and rhythmic motor control. By inducing emotions, it also creates a heightened condition of awareness and mental acuity. How can a child learn to use common Spanish verbs? He or she will learn quickly as they sing along with a Spanish song!

Words paired with music are much easier to retain forever. I am sure that many of us still remember the words and meanings of songs we haven't heard for years. How did you learn your ABCs? I bet you still remember them! In one simple children's song, there will be examples of proper use of estar conjugation, hacer conjugation, ir conjugation, ser conjugation, and leer conjugation. It takes many college freshman an entire month to learn how to conjugate the verbs listed above. A child will begin to use the conjugated form of these verbs the very first time they hear a song!

The similarities between language acquisition and musical development are many. As a result, teaching that combines music with Spanish language instruction is extremely effective. Furthermore, it is important for anyone who is studying Spanish to experience many connections between the Spanish language and music.

The perception of music and the emotions it can stir is not dependent on memory. In other words, music does not have to be familiar to have emotional power. Research with children has shown that many may weep or shiver as they listen to music they have never heard before. Researchers believe that children can experience the entire range of feelings listening to music while adults have already erected barriers to emotional depth. Music, and only music, can quickly reach down into the soul of a child.

Popular Phrase: vivir preterite | Spanish Verb Conjugator | Conjugated Verb: monologar - to deliver a monologue [ click for full conjugation ]