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This page provides links to hundreds of Spanish videos with English subtitles. These Spanish videos are a fun language education concept that provides you with free videos of real life Spanish. They are a very effective tool for students because they allow one to hear real Spanish spoken within a context. Our instructional Spanish video series is perfect for college students, high school students, and adult learners. We provide more than 250 Spanish videos, over 100,000 Spanish audio files recorded in Mexico, Central and South America, and Spain, coordinated worksheets, and our Web site.

This series uses total immersion and active participation to increase fluency in Spanish. Our researched and proven language-immersion method is presented with native speakers of all ages. Our instructional Spanish video series is also highly recommended for teacher professional development.

All videos include Spanish and English subtitles so you can improve your listening and reading skills simultaneously. Watch, read and learn as these Spanish videos explore a variety of exciting and fun topics.

Learning with Spanish videos is quick and easy! These videos are full of real life Spanish as it is spoken by native speakers in Mexico, Central and South America, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Spain. You get to see and hear people using Spanish as it is used everyday. Put down your old and worn-out textbooks and jump into the lives of real Spanish speakers. The addition of subtitles in Spanish and English makes the videos incredibly valuable to learners of all levels, from beginners to fluent speakers.

Popular Phrase: to go in spanish | Learning Spanish | Conjugated Verb: ayudar - to help [ click for full conjugation ]