Hay Que and Tener Que  

Mini-Lessons - Hay Que and Tener Que

Hay Que & Tener Que
Hay Que and Tener Que are both ways to express obligation (having to do something).
When you say that "you have to do something" or "something has to be done",
you will need to use one of these expressions!

Tener Que
Use 'tener que' to say that someone has to do something.

Tengo que comer las verduras.
I have to eat the vegetables.

Mi hermano tiene que portarse bien.
My brother has to behave well.

Ellos tienen que comprar una revista.
They have to buy a magazine.

Hay Que

Use 'hay que' to say that something has to be done.
This is a much more general term.
It doesn't specify who has to do it,
but only states generally that something must be done.

Hay que estudiar mucho.
One must study a lot.

Hay que hacer deporte.
One must play sports.

Hay que levantarse temprano.
One must wake up early.

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