Equalities & Inequalities  

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Equalities & Inequalities
Equalities: Expressing that two things are similar or the same.
Inequalities: Expressing that one thing is different from the other.

See the below examples of how to form equality and inequality sentences,
then see if you can find equality and inequality statements in the sentence flashcards below!


tan + adjective (adverb) + como

El libro es tan bueno como la película.
The book is as good as the movie.

tanto(-a,-os,-as) + noun + como

Juan tiene tanto dinero como María.
Juan has as much money as María.

verb + tanto + como

Las naranjas cuestan tanto como las manzanas.
Oranges cost the same as apples.

verb + tan + adjective (masculine form) + como

El niño juega tan poco como la niña.
The boy plays as little as the girl.


más (menos) + adjective + que

Tú eres más alto que yo.
You are taller than I.

más (menos) + noun + que

Tengo menos libros que Arsenio.
I have fewer books than Arsenio.

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