Verb tomar - to take  

Spanish 101 Tomar
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Tomar means to take or to drink.
Tomar is a regular -ar verb.
It has various uses.

yo tomo I take
tomas you take
Ud./él/ella toma you/he/she takes
nosotros/as tomamos we take
vosotros/as tomáis you guys take
Uds./ellos/ellas toman you all/they take

  Yo siempre tomo el desayuno.
       I always take (have) breakfast.
  Tomas el bus en la próxima parada.
       You take the bus on the next bus stop.
  Él toma la medicina poco a poco.
       He takes the medicine little by little.
  Tanto Yolanda como yo tomamos el café sin azúcar.
       Both Yolanda and I take (drink) our coffee without sugar.
  Los niños no toman café.
       Children don't take (don't drink) coffee.
  Vamos a tomar el sol.
       We are going to take the sun (to sunbathe).

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