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Spanish 101 Superlatives
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el/la/los/las + noun + más + adjective
el/la/los/las + noun + menos + adjective

Samuel es el más inteligente.
      Samuel is the most intelligent.

El coche que es menos seguro.
      The car that is least safe.

Juan es el más alto.
      Juan is the tallest (most tall).

La casa menos fea es la amarilla.
      The least ugly house is the yellow one.

Esta comida es la más sabrosa.
      This meal is the most flavorful.

El marinero menos amable es el capitán.
      The least kind sailor is the captain.

The superlative uses de to mean in or of (e.g. the largest in the world, the smartest of the students)
Rodrigo es el estudiante más inteligente de su clase.
      Rodrigo is the most intelligent student in his class.

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