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Spanish 101 Indirect Object Pronouns
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Indirect object pronouns receive the action of the verb.
They answer to whom / for whom.

Indirect Object Pronouns
me to/for me
te to/for you (familiar)
le to him, to her, to/for you (formal)
nos to/for us
os to/for you all  used in Spain
les to them, to/for you all (formal)

Yo quiero que Juan me ayude.
      I want Juan to help me.
Yo te lo puedo prestar.
      I can lend it to you.
Yo le invito a la cena.
      I invite you to have dinner.
Nos visita cada invierno.
      He visits us every winter.
Yo os recomiendo un hostal.
      I suggest a guesthouse to you all.
El gordo les quita su refacción.
      The fat one takes away the snack from them.

Indirect object pronouns can be after the verb

¿Puede darme una bolsa?
      Can you give me a bag?
¿Puede darnos una mesa fuera?
      Can you give us a table outside?
Quiero comprarles una refrigeradora.
      I want to buy them a refrigerator.

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