Verb querer - to want  

Spanish 101 Querer - to want
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The verb querer means to want. The ending of querer changes based on the personal pronoun that precedes it. The e changes to ie in all forms except the nosotros and vosotros form.

yo quiero I want
quieres you want
Ud./él/ella quiere you/he/she wants
nosotros/as queremos we want
vosotros/as queréis you guys want
Uds./ellos/ellas quieren you all/they want

Yo quiero comer.
     I want to eat.
quieres salir.
     You want to leave (go out).
Él quiere dormir.
     He wants to sleep.
Ella quiere un beso.
     She wants a kiss.
usted quiere
     you want (formal)

Nosotros queremos algo dulce.
     We want something sweet.
    Vosotros queréis algo dulce.
     You all want (used in Spain)
Ellos quieren escribir.
     They want to write. (males)
Ellas quieren ver unos vestidos.
     They want to see some dresses.
    Ustedes quieren comer.
     You all want to eat. (formal)

Note: As with all verbs, you can leave out the personal pronoun and simply say:

Quiero comer. - I want to eat.
¿Quieres salir? - You want to leave (go out)?
Quiere dormir. - He/She wants to sleep.

Note: In other contexts the verb querer also means to love:

Te quiero, mi amor. - I love you, my love.

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