Spanish present progressive  

Spanish 101 present progressive
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Present progressive describes the right now; the action happening at the moment that it is stated.

   -ando for -ar verbs
   -iendo for -er and -ir verbs

hablar ---> hablando (speaking)
comer ---> comiendo (eating)
vivir ---> viviendo (living)

Estar + present progressive to say someone is doing something.

Estoy hablando.
      I am speaking.

El niño está hablando.
      The boy is talking.

Roberto está comiendo en la cocina.
      Robert is eating in the kitchen.

Sus amigos están comiendo.
      Your friends are eating. (formal)

estás comiendo aguacate.
      You are eating avocado.

Nosotros estamos yendo a la playa
      We are going to the beach.

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