Verb preparar - to prepare  

Spanish 101 Preparar
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Preparar is a cognate which means to prepare.
Preparar is a regular -ar verb.

yo preparo I prepare
preparas you prepare
Ud./él/ella prepara you/he/she prepares
nosotros/as preparamos we prepare
vosotros/as preparáis you all prepare
Uds./ellos/ellas preparan you/they prepare

 Yo preparo la comida.
       I prepare the food.
 preparas el desayuno.
       You prepare breakfast.
Mi mamá prepara la cena.
       My mom prepares dinner.
Preparamos el desayuno para mi mamá.
       We prepare breakfast for my mom.
Los cocineros preparan el refrigerio.
       The cooks prepare the refreshments.
La cena está preparada.
       Dinner is prepared (ready).
No sé preparar ese platillo.
       I don't know (how) to prepare that dish.

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